Warehouse & Manufacturing

Top Alberta Warehouse and Manufacturing Workers Union.

Warehousing and manufacturing employees are the backbone of our economy. You work long shifts and perform repetitive and often risky labour to keep essential products going out the door.

Teamsters 987 is Alberta’s leading union for warehouse and manufacturing workers. We are committed to ensuring safe and respectful working conditions, and that you receive fair wages and benefits deserving of your vital work.

How We Support Warehouse and Manufacturing Workers

Fair Wages / Overtime & Benefits
Seniority & Job Security
Safe Working Conditions
Reasonable Scheduling & Leave
Protection Against Outsourcing & Automation
Surveillance / Privacy Rights

Who Do We Represent?

As your union, Teamsters 987 represents all non-management employees (full and part-time) in your workplace. We are extremely active in the following sectors:

Warehouse Distribution Supply Chain

Equipment Manufacturing

E-commerce Fulfilment & Distribution

Parts & Service

Teamsters 987 represents workers across the province of Alberta.

I’m interested
in starting a union

Starting a Union: 5 Steps

To start a union, you need someone willing to take the initiative to get the process started and a desire to advocate for change. (For a more detailed overview, click here).

Find Out What’s Involved

Starting a union requires serious commitment and consideration. Know what you’re getting into and what a union can do for you. Having the facts will be important when trying to get your coworkers on board.

Connect with Teamsters 987

Teamsters 987 is one of Alberta’s largest and most experienced unions for manufacturing and warehouse workers. We can provide the guidance and advice you need to move forward and maximize your chances of success.

Start an Organizing Committee

Team up with like-minded workers who share your desire to unite and fight for your rights. By working together, you can distribute the work and responsibility. You can also ensure that all workers within your facility are heard and that their concerns are addressed. Ideally, all key non-management roles should be represented.

Get an Organizing Petition Signed

You will need to have enough coworkers to sign a confidential document to show you have enough support to hold an official vote to unionize. Teamsters will help.

Hold a Vote

All non-management workers will be allowed to vote by secret ballot. If 50% plus one vote in favour… your shop will be in a legal position to start a union.

I’ve been a Teamsters 987 member since 2015. My job in a distribution warehouse is based on productivity, meaning that I have quotas and deadlines to meet throughout my shift. Teamsters 987 has laid down the foundation that ensures I’ll be successful and that I’ll do a great job at the end of the day. I’m proud to be a Teamsters member!


Be Cautious. Be Smart. Be Discreet.

Your employer will try to oppose any attempt to start a union in their workplace. That is why it is important to be very quiet about your efforts and to only share your plans with coworkers who share your views and who you can trust to be hush-hush. The good news is that you are legally protected against intimidation or dismissal. Your Teamsters 987 will help you reduce the risk.


Reach out to a Teamsters 987 Organizer.
It’s 100% confidential.


Can unions protect against jobs being outsourced?

Increasingly, employers are attempting to hire non-unionized contract employees to do work, often for less money than unionized workers. As a result, outsourcing is becoming a central negotiation point in collective bargaining agreements, as unions try to prevent this practice.

What is a Shop Steward?

A shop steward is an elected worker who represents the workers on union matters. The shop steward plays a crucial role in the labor union structure. Their primary duties and responsibilities typically include:

 -Attending/ Organizing meetings and training sessions
 -Representation to communicate/ raise concerns with management and the union
 -Bringing forward grievances from individual workers based on the terms of the collective bargaining agreement
 -Sharing information with coworkers (contract/ negotiation updates, policy changes, etc.)
 -Coordinating training/ information sessions
 -Enforcing the terms of the collective agreement

How many votes are required for a union to be approved?

The results are legally binding once you hold an official vote to unionize. You will be successful if there is a simple majority vote in favour of unionizing (50% plus 1). The union will represent all workers, including those who voted against unionizing. As a union shop, you can enter collective bargaining with your employer and have the option of going on strike if your demands are not met.

How long does it take?

Starting a union doesn’t just happen overnight. There are several steps involved. In some cases, it can take years before the moment is right to proceed with a vote. Teamsters 987 will be with your every step of the way.

How big does our facility need to be?

You don’t need hundreds of workers to start a union. Facilities with as few as 10-20 employees have just as much right to seek union protection.

Ready to start a union at your workplace?

Contact teamsters
local 987

It’s strictly confidential


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