Public Service

Is It Time to Form a Public Services Union?

The Teamsters 987 Public Services Division of Alberta serves hundreds of members and performs some of the most critical tasks within public, private and not-for-profit organizations. As everyday heroes, Teamsters 987 public service employees clean our cities, schools, and streets, they provide security in public spaces, they provide maintenance to our roads and other essential services. They are the glue that keeps a community running and a society functioning.

A Union Benefiting Public Services and Public Workers

If you are a public service worker, there are innumerable ways a public services union can work for you. At Teamsters 987, we understand how important this network of workers is to the greater community and Alberta as a whole. We also understand that these professionals must be treated with the respect and fairness they deserve in order to properly perform their roles. These positions are mentally and physically demanding. A public servant union would provide the safety and support needed to feel valued and comfortable in your position.

Interested in Learning More About a Public Workers Union? We Are Here for You

Since 1942, TLU 987 has been creating fair workplaces for workers with 100% confidentiality. To learn more about how Teamsters can help, click here.

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