Our Community

The Teamsters 987 Community

Across Alberta, over 5,000 Teamsters Labour Union 987 members take comfort in knowing they are supported by a strong community of empowered workers who stand up for their rights on the job.

This community is united by a belief. A belief that every worker should be treated fairly and represented by trustworthy leaders. While each of our members are leaders in their own right, the Teamsters 987 community is reinforced by over 80 years of successful negotiations.

Along with the Board, the Teamsters Union 987 team of six full-time Business Agents and one Organizer to handle members’ grievances and to negotiate collective bargaining agreements with employers. As visible representatives, they listen to and defend the rights of Teamsters Union 987 members. They are advocates for progressing the labour movement for better worker rights and benefits.

Our Business Agents are especially skilled because, like you, they worked from the ground up. They were once members and faced the same workplace issues as you do. Now, they have built their careers around fighting for you, day in and day out. Teamsters Business Agents are available 24/7/365.

Within each bargaining unit, Shop Stewards are in place to stand up for fellow members when the need arises in the workplace. They are leaders, acting as the first point of contact to navigate issues between employers and union members. They are the voice of the union on the job and they are trusted and respected for their diligence in doing what’s right.

While the families of our members enjoy the peace of mind that their loved one is working in a safe and secure job, they can also look forward to the support of their union even in retirement or in an unexpected event through the Active Member Death Benefit.

And because we believe in building into future generations, children of our members are also eligible for academic scholarships like the Teamsters Canada Member Scholarship, the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship and the Teamsters Local Union 987 Scholarship.

Through these initiatives, our Teamsters Labour Union 987 members are not only contributing to a more equitable workplace for themselves and those around them, but they are also helping to create a more equitable society.

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