Is It Time to Consider a Grocery Store Union?

The supermarket and grocery store industry accounts for one of the largest food retail channels in Alberta. Teamsters 987 represents workers in this key sector including cashiers, stock clerks, warehouse and distribution workers, suppliers and more. As your grocery store union, Teamsters 987 can bring greater respect, recognition, fairness, stability and reward to your workplace.

Teamsters 987 Understands the Needs of Grocery Workers

Joining with Teamsters 987 (TLU 987) to unionize your workforce can help to address the many challenges you face.

Unionizing provides options for families who need flexible hours and equitable pay in order to provide for their loved ones. A union can stand up for a safer and fairer workplace, greater benefits, sick days and personal days, health-related issues, fair scheduling and more. We can also advocate for pensions and retirement options. All supermarket and grocery store workers deserve stability and support. Teamsters 987 can help you find it.

Need Information on Forming a Grocery Store Union in Alberta?

TLU 987 has been creating fair workplaces for workers since 1942 with 100% confidentiality. To learn more contact Teamsters today.

I am grateful that being part of a union protects not only my rights but those of my teammates. Knowing someone is in your corner and has your back is good.

Vicky, Grocery Union Member




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