Alberta Transportation Union Support in Calgary, Edmonton, and Beyond

The transportation division covers workers employed at school bus companies, parking lots and garages, and car rental companies. It also covers manufacturing plant transportation workers in divisions such as chemical, paper, electronic, tires, and transmission. School bus workers are one of the largest groups within the division. These vital workers keep our cities and communities connected and work tirelessly to ensure safe practices. A union can ensure your time and effort are respected and valued.

A Union Helping Transportation Workers since 2006

The Teamsters 987 transportation union has a strong number of members due to one fact – it works. We have the strength and experience needed to provide support to all transportation workers and work hard to create a safer, fair workplace with greater benefits. We can fight for sick days and personal days, health-related issues, equal pay, and more. Transportation workers often face long, grueling hours and difficult schedules. We can advocate for fair scheduling and all other worker-related issues like pensions and retirement options. We have been providing for this industry for over a decade and we are happy to help you form your transportation or bus driver union.

Need Information on Forming a Transportation or Bus Driver Union in Alberta?

TLU 987 has been creating fair workplaces for workers since 1942 with 100% confidentiality. Want to learn more about unions? Click here.

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