Become a 987 Shop Steward

Become a representative
for your union

Shop Stewards are absolutely essential to Teamsters Union 987. They are the representatives for the union on the job and leaders in their workplace. When an employee has an issue with their supervisor, the Shop Steward is the first point of contact.


  • Nominated by the membership
  • Prepared to complete the necessary training for the role
  • Ready to assist other members when issues arise
  • Representatives of the union in their workplace
  • Available to attend and organize meetings and events
  • Enthusiastic, approachable and welcoming to new members
  • Committed to finding the facts in every circumstance
  • Supporters of the labour movement
  • Open to assistance and regular communication with Business Agents
  • Ready to speak up for their fellow members
  • Competent in handling grievances with the help of the Business Agent
  • Vigilant against unfairness at work, both for the employees and the employer

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