987 Member Benefits

General Union Member


Expert representation from Business Advisors who are committed to standing up to employers on your behalf.


You are part of a multi-cultural, multi-industry union with vast collective knowledge and expertise.


We are known all over Alberta for being staunch supporters of workers and their rights who don’t give up.


In tough economic times, having a strong union like Teamsters Union 987 on your side is priceless. We are relentless on your behalf, protecting your job so that you can continue to provide for your family.

What your teamsters 987 union membership gets you
take advantage

Earn More!

On average, full-time union workers make 15-18% higher hourly wages than non-union workers. Furthermore, part-time union workers make, on average, 50-65% higher hourly wages than non-union workers.

Are Protected

by an expert legal team! In the face of legal battles with big corporations, take comfort in knowing that Teamsters Union 987 will go to bat for you.

Hours are Safe

As part of the union, your shifts, overtime, vacation, and sick leave are all guaranteed through your collective agreement.

Are Entitled

to fair treatment! Members can always contact their Shop Steward or Business Agent for support in filing grievances.

Can Trust

Teamsters Union 987 to negotiate for you! Our Business Agents are skilled and experienced in getting the best collective bargaining agreements for members.