Brewing & Bottling

Creating Better Brewing and Bottling Industries through an Alberta Labour Union

Teamsters is passionate about leading Alberta’s brewing and bottling workers into a powerful labour union that can fight for the rights of every employee. Teamsters 987 represents hundreds of members across the brewing and bottling industry including fruit juices, wine coolers, bottled water, and can manufacturing associations.

Some of our responsibilities include contract negotiations, mobilization of members, implementation of site-specific agreements, member-initiated grievances, and more.

Why a Brewing & Bottling Union?

The brewing and bottling industry makes up a massive component of the country’s economy. These workers are absolutely essential to the prosperity of a company and an organization should recognize that. Teamsters 987 wants to help everyone in the brewing and bottling industry create a union so they can fight for their rights. Workers deserve equal pay, benefits, sick days and personal days, fair scheduling, and solutions to all other worker-related issues like pensions and retirement options. Teamsters wants to give you that power – let us help you.

Need Information on Forming a Brewing or Bottling Union in Alberta?

With 100% confidentiality, TLU 987 has been creating fair workplaces for workers since 1942. To learn more about why a union could be right for you, click here.

I am an employee in the bottling industry and have been a member of the local Teamsters 987 union for a little over 12 years. I am proud to be a member of this organization. First and foremost, my job is protected. Being represented by the local Teamsters 987, I feel my job is permanently secured and I feel a comfort and satisfaction in that fact that allows me to perform to the best of my ability. Also, Teamsters 987 makes wonderful cultural donations around the country, which I am very proud of and mean a lot to me.





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