What Are Teamsters 987? We are a labour union that has been honoured to fight for the rights of our members and create fair workplaces across Alberta since 1942.

With offices in Calgary and Edmonton, we are a family of more than 5,000 workers strong from over 10 industries and 50 collective agreements. When a member needs help, we step in to protect and empower them through powerful advocacy with employers, superior legal backing, and assistance with many other areas that contribute to a greater quality of life.


Teamsters 987 is a proud local trade union within Teamsters Canada, which represents over 120,000 members from all over the country. Teamsters helps employees form unions within labour-intensive industries that have a high number of employees who face risk, poor working conditions, and underrepresentation. These industries can range from grocery to transportation to warehouse and manufacturing, Teamsters protects those in blue and white collar, hard-working industries that create the backbone of the economy and work to support families and loved ones all over the country.

On a broader level, Teamsters are part of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which includes a million members across North America. We bring together workers from all kinds of different sectors across the continent to create a strong, powerful network that is there for each other. With this collective power, we are stable, unified, and committed to our members by improving their work environment and quality of life.


Strength in numbers.

We are always expanding in membership while enhancing our abilities to negotiate better agreements for our members.


Every worker is entitled to dignity and respect in the workplace. This means good pay, fair hours, safe environments, security both now and in retirement, as well as the right to speak up and organize.


When workers are happy, businesses have a greater chance of success, and we want that for our employers. When a company is successful, it makes a profit – we simply believe that it is only fair that profit must be shared reasonably with the people responsible for earning it.

Dialogue and negotiation.

We take great pride in delivering positive outcomes for our members. We hear you when your employer may not. We are on your side.