Why 987

Be part of a community that
Takes Action in Alberta

When you join Teamsters Labour Union 987, you become a member of an empowered, positive community. Every one of your fellow members will be someone who has taken a stand against unfair work conditions, and you can feel confident they are on your side when you need them.

Be Represented By Trusted
Independent Negotiators

Teamsters Union 987 members benefit from our representation structure. Union negotiations are conducted by volunteer representatives (called Shop Stewards) who work for the employer and participate in collective bargaining. While our Shop Stewards are essential to the bargaining process, we also have Business Agents on staff to make for an even stronger voice at the table. Both full-time reps and front-line stewards work together to solve member issues and find innovative solutions.

Business agents

Our members can approach trusted Business Agents knowing that by raising a grievance, they are not compromising relationships on the job. These expert agents’ primary duties are to defend and protect our valued members, and as such, members can be sure that their grievances will not be overshadowed by other priorities.

Our Business Agents are also unique in that they have all been Teamsters Union 987 members for several years and some were even involved with organizing their workplaces. They have worked from the ground up, like you, and are very familiar with negotiating grievances and collective bargaining agreements with employers.

General Union Member


Expert representation from Business Advisors who are committed to standing up to employers on your behalf.


You are part of a multi-cultural, multi-industry union with vast collective knowledge and expertise.


We are known all over Alberta for being staunch supporters of workers and their rights who don’t give up.


In tough economic times, having a strong union like Teamsters Union 987 on your side is priceless. We are relentless on your behalf, protecting your job so that you can continue to provide for your family.

Member Benefits

You Earn More!

On average, full-time union workers make 15-18% higher hourly wages than non-union workers. Furthermore, part-time union workers make, on average, 50-65% higher hourly wages than non-union workers.

You Are Protected

By an expert legal team! In the face of legal battles with big corporations, take comfort in knowing that Teamsters Union 987 will go to bat for you.

Your Hours Are Safe

As part of the union, your shifts, overtime, vacation, and sick leave are all guaranteed through your collective agreement.

You Are Entitled

To fair treatment! Members can always contact their Shop Steward or Business Agent for support in filing grievances.

Your Can Trust

Teamsters Union 987 to negotiate for you! Our Business Agents are skilled and experienced in getting the best collective bargaining agreements for members.

for Members & Dependents

Teamsters Canada Member Scholarship

Unlike other scholarships, the Teamsters Canada Member Scholarship was specially created for current members, and not their children or financial dependents. The program is perfect for members who wish to continue their education, sign up for driving courses or a trade school, or branch out into a different industry.

Five $2,500 scholarships are awarded to help members afford tuition for post-secondary and certificate programs. The application process involves writing a short essay and the deadline is October 31 of each year.

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James R. Hoffa Scholarships

The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund was created to help the sons, daughters, or dependents of eligible Teamsters members pay for tuition at post-secondary institutions. Students in their last year of high school can apply by March 1 for a scholarship of up to $10,000 if they’re planning on enrolling in a college or university program. They can also apply for a scholarship of up to $2,000 if they plan on attending a training or vocational program in a Teamster-represented industry!

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Teamsters Local Union 987 Scholarship

Teamsters Local Union 987 Scholarship has applications available for members and their immediate dependent children, depending on their location, personal qualifications, and financial need. These scholarships can assist with tuition for post-secondary and certificate programs. Applications are straightforward and can be accessed at any time.

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Local 987 Active Member Death Benefit

Teamsters Local 987 Executive Board is pleased to announce the implementation of a Member Death Benefit which is payable when an active member, in good standing, passes away. The purpose of this benefit is to provide financial assistance for a member’s loved ones during a time of indescribable loss. All members of Teamsters Local 987 will share in providing this benefit and by doing so we will be supporting each other during a time of grief and need. By completing the form, members can direct who will receive their benefit if they pass away while they are a Teamsters member.