An Alberta laundry services union with experience that matters.

Teamsters Local 987 has been representing the laundry industry in Alberta for over 20 years. As Alberta’s premier laundry services union, Teamsters Union 987 has proudly been providing a better quality of life, improved protection, and representation for Teamsters members across the province for over two decades.

How Creating a Laundry Services Union Could Help You

Teamsters understands the needs of the industry and know the benefits a laundry services union can provide. A union creates a safer, fair workplace with greater benefits. A union can fight for sick days and personal days, health-related issues, fair scheduling, and all other worker-related issues like pensions and retirement options. We are your advocate for everything work-related – let us fight for your rights!

Need more Information on Forming an Alberta Laundry Union?

TLU987 has been creating fair workplaces for workers since 1942 with 100% confidentiality. Want to know how it can work for you? Click here.

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