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Warehousing & Manufactured Goods

The Teamsters Warehouse Division in Alberta is a warehousing union that represents members in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, food processing and related industries. Workers in these industries include drivers, lift truck operators, equipment operators, food processing workers and clerical employees.

The Warehouse Division is one of the largest of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ 21 divisions and conferences. The division provides a variety of support services to local unions and their members.

One of the Warehouse Division’s largest contracts is with Costco. For more than 20 years, Teamster representation has given more than 15,000 Costco workers a strong voice and the ability to earn a middle-class income with great benefits in a safe workplace.


Engineered Labour Standards and Health and Safety

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Are you working in the warehousing or manufacturing industry? Contact Teamsters Local 987 today to find out the benefits of joining our warehousing union family!

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