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How healthy is your workplace?

Each work environment is so different, so it’s difficult to establish one way to determine if an environment is healthy is not. There are, however, some key factors that contribute to the creation of a healthy or toxic environment.

At Teamsters 987, we want to know that you are being treated fairly and with respect. We want to know that you are being heard, given the chance to grow, and that your wellbeing is a priority to your employer. Based on these principles, here are some indicators of an unhealthy work environment:

Safety is not taken seriously

Safety is an incredibly serious issue, and it should be seen as such in the workplace. If your employer is quick to dismiss safety concerns and/or readily puts you in positions that you feel may be unsafe, they are fostering an unhealthy environment. For tips on how to champion a safe work environment, click here.

Lack of communication

Clear communication is key when it comes to creating healthy and functional environments. Inconsistencies in communication often result in the breakdown of procedures and make it difficult for you to do your job well.

Ideas are discouraged

Growth is important, not just for you, but for your employer as well. In a healthy work environment, employers should welcome opinions and ideas from employees as long as they are delivered respectfully. An employer that seeks to silence their employees is simply not a good employer.

Overworking is encouraged

There is nothing wrong with your boss asking you to work overtime, nor is there anything wrong with working long hours, if you are being compensated fairly. This becomes a problem is if you feel pressured to work excessive hours and feel that working your set hours is no longer acceptable/appreciated.

You’re not being listened to

Employers need to listen. It’s that simple. Yes, you are there to work for them, but you are in a two-way relationship, meaning both you and your employer benefit from you working. Therefore, you deserve to be heard.

Employers can look out for workers in many ways – through compensation, a generous benefits package, etc. But one of the biggest ways that an employer can support their employees is by creating a healthy work environment. Still not sure if your work environment is toxic or not? Check out this article for more information.

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