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The Unionizing Process: Collective Bargaining and Securing a First Contract

Unions are based around one simple fact – people are more powerful together than they are alone. Unions give a voice to workers who may have otherwise been ignored. One of the most practical ways that we do this is through collective bargaining. What is collective bargaining? In a typical employment situation, one employee doesn’t […]

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How to Carve Out Family Time While Working Nights

Working odd hours has its fair share of downsides, among them is the difficulty of maintaining relationships. If you work night shifts, you may be taking naps in the evenings before work, missing out on family dinners or putting your kids to bed. So here are some simple ways you can make the most of […]

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TPP and Its Impact On The Canadian Dairy Industry

The Teamsters Canada Dairy and Sales Drivers Division continue to be characterized by the successful negotiation and ratification of a number of collective agreements across Canada. These successes reaffirm the leadership of the Officers, Agents, and Rank and File members who comprise the various bargaining committees who continue to negotiate industry-leading collective agreements for which […]

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