Public Service

Public Service

The more than 273,000 Teamsters of the Public Services Division provide critical public services through the government, private employers and not-for-profit organizations. As unsung everyday heroes, Teamster public service employees respond to life threatening emergencies, clean our schools, drive our buses, transport our children, provide security in public buildings, care for the elderly and veterans, maintain our roads and support our military.

Teamsters work at city hall and in the court system, perform important health care roles as doctors, nurses, and blood collection personnel, and protect citizens as police, deputy sheriffs, safety aides and corrections officers.

White collar, blue collar, technicians and degreed professionals—Teamster public service union members are an integral part of everyday life.


Public Services Division News

Are you working in the public service industry? Contact Teamsters Local 987 today to find out the benefits of joining our public service union family.

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