Employee Voice In The Workplace: Your Voice Matters

Regardless of whether you work in the service industry, a trade, or for a large corporation, chances are you’ve felt insignificant and unheard at your place of work. Unfortunately, these feelings have allowed workers all over the world to be taken advantage of by the system; and this is where unions come in. Unions eliminate feelings of insignificance by recognizing the strength that comes from numbers. And, the best part is, unions were created to not only make life better for the members, but also to establish statutes and legislation to enable fair treatment for all workers in the future. That’s right; as a member of a union, you are given the opportunity not only to make life better for yourself but also to influence the future for all.

Since their start, unions have been responsible for creating weekends, the 8-hour work-day, overtime pay, vacation pay, sick leave, wrongful termination laws, minimum wage, child labour laws and so much more. But none of this would have been possible without workers speaking up and making their rights known. As a member of a union, you are part of the journey towards fair treatment of workers, and you have the power to affect real change. Being a member of the workforce gives you invaluable insight into the strengths and flaws of the system, and it’s your story that will help us design a future that’s fair for all workers everywhere.

Let your voice be heard by sharing your workplace experiences with your Teamsters 987 family. If you have a concern of any kind, big or small, don’t be afraid to bring it up to your Shop Steward. Your Shop Stewards are here to listen, offer meaningful advice, and when it comes to it, help you file a grievance. But perhaps you don’t have a grievance to file and you just need to talk, we still want to here from you! Get in touch with us to share stories, talk about any ideas you might have or find out what’s new with Teamsters Union 987. Unlike other unions, Teamsters 987 also provides you with experienced business agents to negotiate on your behalf. Get in touch with your business agent.

At Teamsters 987, your voice matters, you’re listened to, you’re respected, and you can make a difference for a better future.


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