Mental health awareness – how to monitor yourself

Mental illness, like physical illness can get worse if left untreated, and although there are many causes of mental illness that you have no control over, such as genetics, trauma, brain damage and prenatal damage, there are also many causes and contributors to mental illness that you do have control over such as poor nutrition and unmanaged stress.  Regardless of whether you suffer from a mental illness or not, your mental health should be a high priority. Here are some free resources that will help you monitor your mental health.

Tests and quizzes

Mental health meter

The mental health meter is a test provided by the Canadian Mental Health Association. This test takes you through a series of questions to give you a better idea of the areas where you may need to improve your mental health.

Mental health assessment

The mental health assessment is provided by Psychology Today. In this assessment, you are asked a few questions, you are then shown on a scale where your mental health might sit according to common mental health issues, and finally you are provided with advice and options for moving forward.

Self screening test

This self screening test offered by HereToHelp once again asks you a series of questions in an attempt to gauge how mentally healthy you might be. On finishing the brief test, you will be advised on appropriate next steps.

Other mental health resources

The Distress Centre

The Distress Centre provides 24-hour crisis support for all issues including, but not limited to, stress, grief, depression, addiction etc. The Distress Centre also offers professional counseling services at no cost.

Your Teamsters 987 family

Teamsters 987 advocates on your behalf for a healthy workplace. If you feel that your work environment is a hostile space and/or is taking a toll on your mental health, get in touch with your Teamsters 987 agent.

If you don’t currently suffer from a mental illness, you may view your mental health as something you don’t need to pay attention to, when in fact, something as common as stress at work can greatly affect your mental health in a negative way. Like your physical health, your mental health should be taken seriously and monitored regularly. Use these resources to continuously assess your mental fitness, and never hesitate to seek help when necessary.

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