The members have spoken! A recap of Teamster’s 987 election results.

    Teamsters Local Union 987 strongly believes in the effectiveness of collective power and unity. Simply put, we wouldn’t be here without you – our members, so we exist to serve you. This is why we wholeheartedly believe in your leadership being chosen through a democratic process. Every five years, Teamsters Local Union 987 holds an election, allowing the members to vote for their desired executive team. Our election took place this fall with high participation rates, and here’s a recap of the results.

    The results arrived in early October and David Froelich was re-elected Secretary Treasurer. The new executive team was elected as follows:

    • Jim Haryett, President
    • John Taylor, Vice President
    • Carl Dutton, Recording Secretary
    • Derrick Ashmore, Trustee
    • Don Banks Trustee
    • Ryan Dickie, Trustee.

    David Froelich and the Executive Board members are thrilled to be able to continue to serve the Teamsters 987 members. The executive team says, “Thank you for your overwhelming support and for your participation in the Union’s democratic process.”

    So what role does your Executive Team play? The job of the Executive Board is to act as the ‘watchdog’ of Teamsters 987. Your Executive Team is in charge of leading Teamsters Local Union 987 by providing governance based on experience, and ensuring policies are followed. Going forward, the Executive Team will continue to provide a vehicle for union members to receive the best representation possible. Under David’s leadership the team is also committed to gathering and listening to the feedback of Teamsters Local Union 987 members. We believe that your input is crucial to the success of Teamsters Local Union 987. Have an opinion or idea? Contact your local Business Agent, or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.

    It is our priority to ensure that you have an executive team you can trust. Thank you again for participating in the election process, and for ensuring a strong future for Teamsters Local Union 987! To learn more about your executive team, visit the Our Executives page.

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