Why Voting Is Crucial

Why Voting Is Crucial

Voting – something that most often take for granted. It’s known as a fundamental right of any citizen as it enables us to choose our leaders of the future. Voting is known as a basic process which keeps a nation’s governmental system working properly. It allows citizens to choose their government of choice, and their government representatives.

With that being said, for most people, voting isn’t seen as the most exciting thing, but believe it or not, it goes a long way. As Canadians, we have many freedoms – so many that it sometimes is easy to take them for granted.  Voting being one right, which was an incredibly difficult battle, especially for women.

Since we are so lucky to have this right, why don’t we vote? The process can be overwhelming. Some even choose not to vote as a protest against certain candidates, which usually gets us no where! Maybe you’re also thinking you’re too busy, but you should never be too occupied to vote.

Voting does not only enable society to vote for political parties, it also helps everyone realize how significant citizenship can be. Although many may believe one vote won’t make a difference, it does A nation’s political foundation is built using elections. See below for the very many benefits of voting.

All elections can hold significance in your life

Voting in any kind of election holds opportunities to create, and shape matters that affect you and the people you love. You allow yourself to be apart of issues such as public education funding, housing affordability, or transit options.

Voting helps you become more engaged and informed

By casting a meaningful vote means you have done your due diligence, along with your research. It means standing up for what is important to you, what’s happening within your community, and exploring both sides of an argument. Voting means you make educated decisions about your stances, having discussions and even opening your eyes to other people’s point of view’s. You can hold the ability to become more connected to your community.

Voting is a responsibility, not a luxury

Although voting is not deemed mandatory, it is our responsibility to the larger community that you are part of. It isn’t just about supporting the candidates parties or issues specific to each election but about supporting and improving our democracy – and democracy doesn’t work unless you participate!

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