Beating the Monday Blues

Beating the Monday Blues

We all get the feeling – the anxiety, stress or overwhelming emotions of heading back to work on Monday morning.

The Monday Blues’ is known as a set of negative emotions that occur in the beginning of your work week if they’re not content at work. Experts and authors suggest it contains elements od depression, tiredness, and hopelessness. It gives a sense of an unpleasant and unavoidable working environment.

The Monday Blues’ have become so common, it is known in cultures around the globe. No one is ready for the dreaded day. With that being said, there are numerous ways you can make your Monday’s feel like Friday’s!

  1. Identifying the underlying issue
    More times than not, there is likely an issue that stems from your Monday sadness. Take some time to analyze what the problem is, as it should not be taken lightly. From an argument with coworkers or your boss, to a negative environment – it’s a sign that you are unhappy with your work – it’s time to fix it or move on!
  2. Mentally prepare yourself for Monday on Fridays
    If you carry stress from your previous week into your new week, you will find yourself clinging on to negative emotions that will continue to drag. In order to combat that Monday Morning uneasiness, try to complete as many tasks as possible Friday. That way, the transition into your next week becomes much smoother. Although we would all like to be productive, sometimes we can’t get to those aggravating tasks we’d like to finish – so if you do happen to see yourself completing tasks on Monday, try to get them done as early as possible!
  3. Sleep, sleep, and more SLEEP – Then wake up early
    If possible, keep Sunday’s dedicated to yourself. Take the time to unwind, relax, and get yourself prepared for your Monday as early in the day as possible. Try to sleep as early as you can, and wake up a bit earlier to get yourself up and ready in time.
  4. Dress Confidently
    By looking your best, you often feel your best. As cliché as that sounds – it’s true. Take some time and make yourself feel extra special, even if it is with a face mask, a new outfit, or a perfume/cologne that makes you feel good! Feeling good helps with keeping a positive attitude!

Be Positive
Our last and final tip is of course to keep the positivity alive and running. I know at times this can be easier said than done, however, it’s something you should take with you to your work place to ensure your Monday’s are as good as they can be. A tip to keep positive: listen to your favourite songs, or podcasts on your way to work, have a good breakfast, and try not to complain!

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