securing the majority vote

What to know about securing the majority vote

Starting a labour union can be incredibly beneficial for workers in Alberta. Workers can look forward to having someone on their side who will fight for fair compensation, job security, and your rights. To successfully start a union at your workplace, you will need a majority vote, which can be difficult to obtain. Here are things to keep in mind while preparing for the election and tactics to win the majority.

Know your workplace’s issues

Understanding the workplace issues your coworkers are facing is vital to winning votes. Speak to as many people as you can and get acquainted with their issues. Listen closely to their concerns, and don’t make presumptions about what people are going through. The better you understand the current workplace challenges, the more effectively you’ll be able to communicate the benefits of unionizing to your coworkers.

Know the benefits of unionizing

Knowing how a union can support your co-workers with their specific issues will help them understand the benefits of starting a union. Are they looking for increased wages or paid vacation? Do they want health care benefits or a pension? Creating specific messaging that speaks to the problems your team is facing will go a long way in demonstrating why forming a union could be beneficial.

Be prepared for anti-union campaigns

It’s not uncommon for employers to use tactics designed to discourage employees from voting in favor of unionizing. While we always hope this won’t be the case, we have seen it happen on many occasions. Intimidating and threatening employees is legally prohibited, but employers can still spread anti-union messaging that makes the process much more challenging. If you find yourself facing this kind of opposition while trying to organize your workplace, preparation is key! Knowing your rights will help ensure a fair and successful vote in favour of organizing together as a unified voice.


Securing a majority vote to unionize is no small feat. It requires planning, coordination, and determination. But the hard work pays off as winning a majority vote for collective bargaining rights can be monumental in improving working conditions. And Teamsters 987 is here to help!

We’ve been through this process many times, and we know what tactics work when it comes to getting the majority vote. From handling any miscommunication to guiding you through the majority voting process—we’ll be there for you every step of the way to start a union in your workplace.

Ready to improve your workplace? Get in touch with us today to begin the process.


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