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securing the majority vote

What to know about securing the majority vote

Starting a labour union can be incredibly beneficial for workers in Alberta. Workers can look forward to having someone on their side who will fight for fair compensation, job security, and your rights. To successfully start a union at your workplace, you will need a majority vote, which can be difficult to obtain. Here are […]

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Q&A: What is it Like Being a Teamsters 987 Member?

Tracee Bouvier and Elenitsa Bucknell, recently became Teamsters members when they ratified their collective agreement in February 2021. We sat down with them to understand what it’s like being a Teamsters 987 member. What does a day in your role look like? Tracee: A day in this role is to travel to a client’s home […]

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Mental Health at Work: Managing Workplace Stress & Anxiety

Feeling stressed or anxious? Your mental health matters! Did you know that medical research has shown that as much as 90 percent of all illnesses and diseases are related to stress? Feeling frustrated or anxious at work is common, but if left unchecked, it can have negative impacts on your health and other areas of […]

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Ageism in the workplace - Teamsters 987

How to deal with ageism in the workplace

Whether you’re working in an industry that is drastically changing due to technology or you’re surrounded by young, eager millennials, being an older worker comes with its fair share of challenges. All too often, the ideas of older workers are pushed to the side and perceived as outdated, and in many cases, older workers aren’t […]

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