Nothing puts more stress on life than uncertain financial times. We’re not suggesting bad things are going to happen. We’re just offering some friendly budgeting advice that can help all of us in uncertain times.

In tight times, tighten up your credit use. Focus on paying cash for your purchases. Because the amount of cash you have is finite. Credit is a handy tool, but not having the cash to pay the credit card bill can kill you on interest alone and dig a deeper financial hole quickly. There’s another age-old budgeting trick you can always use as well. It’s called the envelope method. Create a series of envelopes – rent (household), food, transportation, clothing, entertainment. Each month, put the cash required in each envelope and stick to it.

We all have things we need and want. Guess which ones should be the priority? Reining in discretionary spending will help ensure the money you have goes further. You need food, you need shelter, you need a lot of things. You might not need that hot tub. At least not right now. Put off buying what you don’t need.

Another money-saving opportunity is to buy second-hand. From vehicles to appliances to clothing, look around a little and see what can be found. Hey, we all like new things, but the feeling of saving and having a few extra dollars in your pocket is also pretty great. And even before you buy second-hand, ask yourself do I need this at all right now? As long as you’re asking questions, ask what can I do myself? fixing things yourself (DIY) or even growing your own vegetables with your family can be good for your household budget too.

There’s no one solution for everyone, but there are lots of opportunities to keep your budget in great shape during good times and tougher ones if you think a little creatively. If you’d like a whole lot more tips, check out this handy link. http://www.thesimpledollar.com/little-steps-100-great-tips-for-saving-money-for-those-just-getting-started/

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