What is Collective Bargaining and What’s In It For Me?

Whether you’re a current Teamsters 987 member or you’re curious about the benefits of joining a union, there’s no doubt that a collective bargaining agreement offers workers key benefits that contribute to a great work life and better general quality of life.

Collective bargaining is collective.

Yes. It’s right there in the title. The process brings employer and employee together to find solutions that work for both groups. Contrary to what you might think or have heard, it starts from a point of collaboration not us vs. them. As a labour union member, you are part of a larger group. And it’s true, there is strength in numbers. Together, our bargaining power is much stronger, which allows unions to negotiate terms that are better than an employee could negotiate individually.

Collective bargaining is inclusive.

You get a voice, which means during the process your input is welcomed and all employees are represented during the negotiation of the agreement. You also get a vote on the final agreement. Collective bargaining is a truly democratic process.

Collective bargaining provides security.

Once a collective bargaining agreement is in place, it is legally binding. And because many agreements are multi-year, it provides workers with negotiated and agreed upon wages, working hours, benefits and other benefits that are now agreed upon and protected. This brings longer-term stability to the workplace and allows employees to focus on work.

CBAs are comprehensive.

You probably drive a pretty hard bargain, but individuals often only think about wages when talking with their employers. Collective bargaining agreements go much deeper. Although wages are always addressed, CBAs also spell out working hours including flexibility, training and skills development, career advancement opportunities, safety, performance evaluation and dispute resolution. They eliminate the guesswork and replace it with clarity and stability in the workplace.

Life is full of uncertainty. But how would it feel to know your job is more secure, your wages are guaranteed and your benefits and rights are protected? That’s the peace-of-mind that a CBA helps to create in people’s lives. If you’d like to know more about this subject, just click the contact section on our website.

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