Workplace Positivity

    Spreading Positivity in the Workplace

    I’m sure you’ve heard this everywhere, but let’s say it again: positivity boosts employee wellness. Being positive ensures you’re maintaining your health, all while becoming more involved in your work. It doesn’t matter if you are the employee or the employer, everyone has the ability to make a difference in their work place environment. It takes a simple steps to create positive energy, and they are listed below.

    1. Positive messages
      Be a leader and communicate “feel-good” messages for your coworkers. Communication is key, being positive and constructive can change the way people perceive your messages and feedback. Have your messages be positive, uplifting and empowering for greater impact.
    2. Smile
      This is such a simple thing to do that can truly make someone’s day. Giving someone a smile, or speaking with a smile, usually tricks your mind into being happier. This is the easiest way to spread positive vibes throughout your office. Everything you do, do with a smile!
    3. Develop Relationships
      Creating relationships with your coworkers will make your working environment a much calmer one. Search for ways to engage and relate with the people you surround yourself with. For the most positive work environment, you want to develop trust and respect for all levels of superiority within your company.
    4. Be thankful and show gratitude
      Showing gratitude helps bring out the positive qualities in others, and yourself. It’s especially helpful as this can transform your way of thinking, and helps develop respect, trust, and mutual respect – which is crucial in any workplace environment.
    5. Appreciate all victories – big or small
      It’s easy to celebrate major milestones in your work place, that sometimes we forget about the little wins which create the big ones. Take time to appreciate the actions that often get overlooked. It’s also critical to recognize the employees that work behind the scenes to make every little thing happen.

    Positivity is powerful because it increases your coping abilities and builds resilience. You will have days when promoting positivity and a positive attitude seem next to impossible, but it’s important to remember that you have the power to see the good in any situation. Spreading positively will not only strengthen your mindset, but it will help build the mindset of those around you.

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