When to Join a Union

Many people wait until they’re unhappy at work or until they lose their jobs before thinking about joining a union, but this shouldn’t be the case. You can be perfectly happy at your place of work but still be in a position where joining a union is necessary. Here are 5 indicators that it might be time for you to join a union.

Wage is an issue

Feel like you’re not being compensated fairly? A union can help with that. The average full time unionized worker in Alberta earns almost $5 more per hour than the average non-unionized worker in Alberta. And the average part-time unionized worker earns approximately $7 more per hour than the average non-unionized part-time worker.

You’re concerned for your security

Nobody likes to feel like their job could be taken away at any given moment. This is why unions use collective agreements to protect workers from any unexpected shifts, ensuring job security and predictable wage increases.

You’re not being heard at work

Whether you’re voicing concerns around your hours or your safety, it’s important to feel heard in your place of work. If you’re feeling as though it’s hard to get through to your employer regarding important issues, it may be time for you to consider getting additional support from a union. Not only does your union work with you to ensure you have a voice in your workplace, but when you’re part of a union, you have the opportunity to be heard on a larger scale and affect real, province-wide change.

You want better benefits

When it comes to compensation, your benefits are almost just as important as your wage. But benefits such as additional healthcare coverage, pensions, and reasonable vacation time are not always provided by employers. With a team of negotiators working on your behalf, joining a union can help you secure more comprehensive benefits at work.

You need some support

There can be a lot of arbitrary rules when it comes to the workplace, making life as a worker often hard to navigate. If you’re repeatedly finding yourself in difficult situations at work, whether regarding safety, discrimination, compensation, etc, you may want to consider getting involved with a union. Not only do unions provide shop stewards for support with grievances, but Teamsters 987 also has a group of business agents to give advice and offer additional support.

Whether you’re perfectly happy at your workplace or struggling, joining a union can benefit you in many ways. Think it might be time for you to join a union? Talk to one of our advisors.

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