Engaging your Labour Union Business Agent

Teamsters Local Union 987 Businesses Agents, like Shop Stewards, work for you and are available to help with grievances, but their function is more than just that. Your business agent knows the ins and outs of both the union and your industry workplace. Because of this, your business agent is able to advocate for you and negotiate on your behalf in a way that effects real change. When grievances arise, your business agent supports your Shop Steward in reviewing the facts and then engages with the employer in order to settle the dispute. Business agents can also answer your questions and offer advice on workplace matters.

When TO contact your union business agent:

If you need advice

Once again, your business agent will often be contacted after you have filed a grievance with your Shop Steward, but if you need advice on a workplace issue, your business agent will be able to help. Your business agents not only understands how the union operates, but they also understand how your industry workplace operates, and will be able to offer you the best advice on how to proceed in case there is any confusion.

If you’re having trouble with your Shop Steward

Our Shop Stewards are trained to listen intently to your concerns and work on your behalf to see them resolved. Because of this, we rarely see union members having a misunderstanding or conflict with their Shop Stewards. However, if you are experiencing any difficulty in working with your Shop Steward, get in touch with your business agent.

Our Business Agents have all been Teamsters Union 987 members for many years. They are members who organized their workplaces, and understand the system better than anyone else, and they’re here to serve you! Don’t hesitate to connect with your Business Agent.

When NOT to contact your business agent:

If you’re thinking of filing a grievance

Although business agents do get involved in the process of filing grievances, the first person you should go to is your Shop Steward. If an issue arises at work, and you’re considering filing a grievance, contact your Shop Steward to begin the process.

If you have general union questions

If you’re unsure about your member benefits, or you’d like some clarification on the processes involved in filing a grievance, or you’d like to know what’s new within Teamsters 987, get in touch with our Calgary or Edmonton office, visit the Members Hub Website, or join the conversation on social media by following us Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re experiencing administration issues

If you run into any issues such as not receiving emails or having trouble accessing information online, get in touch with our Calgary or Edmonton office.

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