The Benefits of Naps During the Day


    Are you feeling sluggish as your afternoon approaches? New studies support the theory that napping can increase productivity in the workplace. If you can’t take a nap, taking a walk outside may refresh yourself. Taking a five to ten-minute break and stepping away from the project you are working on could have you feeling refreshed and ready to work again.

    Many cultures have included this into their daily lives. Siestas are considered normal in many countries; however, North America has not necessarily adopted this approach yet. Not only is this good for workplace productivity but also improves overall health.

    How can you feel more refreshed during the day?

    Try taking a short snooze on your lunch break. A nap around the twenty-minute mark will have the best results on your cognitive ability. Maybe a nap isn’t for you but any type of rest for a short period of time will have magical results on your focus levels. If you do choose to nap on your lunch break, it is important to know that you can not be penalized for it because you are on your designated lunch break. Companies like NASA and Google have adopted this and have implemented designated napping areas for employees.

    Will you choose to rest?

    The choice is in your hands whether you nap or not. The studies show that it will make you come back from your break working significantly better and feeling refreshed.

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