How Teamsters 987 stands up for Each Member of their Union Family

Being in a union means you’re not alone. It means that your concerns about how you’re treated, how you’re compensated, ensuring your voice is heard, and provides you with a team actively fighting for your rights. Here are some examples of how Teamsters 987 union of Alberta stands up for you.

 We make sure you’re being compensated fairly.

We exist to ensure safe and fair treatment for you in your workplace, which is why being a part of Teamsters 987 means you don’t have to worry about being overworked and underpaid. Our collective bargaining makes sure all TLU 987 members are treated fairly when it comes to wages, overtime, vacation pay, and benefits. We also actively work to close the wage gap, ensuring that the percentage of women making less than their male counterparts continues to be reduced.

We challenge legislation that will harm our members.

We’re always keeping our ear to the ground and making sure we’re aware of any new laws or agreements that could have a negative effect on you. For example, the new Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a free trade agreement between 12 different countries that seeks to create strong economic relationships between these countries by eliminating tariffs and promoting trade. Sounds great on the surface right? Did you know that this deal could lead to the loss of approximately 20,000 jobs in Canada’s auto sector alone. The TPP will also allow dairy producers outside of Canada to produce approximately 250 million liters of milk to be sold in Canada every year, meaning a significant loss of jobs within Canada’s dairy industry. As the TPP is a threat to Canadian workers, we actively stand against this new legislation. Teamster’s 987 of Alberta is lobbying with government officials to protect the job security of our dairy industry and other workers that have the possibility to be affected by this agreement.

We provide you with independent negotiators.

We differ from other unions in that we offer full-time, professional Business Agents in addition to Shop Stewards. Our Business Agents are on staff to listen to your grievances, offer their expert opinion, and take your concerns to the appropriate people so that real change can take place.

We provide you with a legal team.

We believe in supporting our members through thick and thin, which is why when times get tough and you need to take legal action, we’re right they’re with you. We provide you with lawyers at no extra cost to help you fight your serious labor conflicts.

Teamsters 987 stands with you and supports you in the face of workplace issues. We’re proactive in protecting the rights of our members, and we continue to work on your behalf to ensure quality treatment within all facets of the workplace. If you are interested in learning more about the TPP or want to get involved to make a difference and have your voice heard, contact your Business Agent or one of our local Calgary or Edmonton union offices.

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