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The Unionizing Process: Collective Bargaining and Securing a First Contract

Unions are based around one simple fact – people are more powerful together than they are alone. Unions give a voice to workers who may have otherwise been ignored. One of the most practical ways that we do this is through collective bargaining. What is collective bargaining? In a typical employment situation, one employee doesn’t […]

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Youth education - Teamsters 987

Youth education: we need to do better

It is an incredibly common occurrence for workers’ rights to be neglected, and as workers continue to be taken advantage of by their employers, it has become evident that employees must be better equipped with resources to defend themselves in the workplace. This all comes down to education. All workers have rights, but many of […]

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Tips for the Shift Worker: How to stay healthy during shift work

The term ‘shift work’ typically refers to any work hours outside of the standard 7am – 6pm time. As the title suggests, shift workers often do not have a consistent schedule, but rotate through various shifts. If you’re a shift worker, you know all too well that between the constant changes and odd hours, this […]

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Worker and Job Automation: How can a union help?

We’re living in an age defined by technology and its advances. These rapidly evolving technological trends have changed the way we socialize, they way we entertain ourselves, the way we educate, the way we travel, and the way we consume products and services. But that’s not even close to the only thing technology has changed; […]

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