Part Time Employee Rights and Issues: How Unions Help

Whether you’re trying to balance a busy schedule between home and work or you just can’t seem to find a full-time position, part-time work is often the only option. Unfortunately, both provincial and federal labour laws are weak when it comes to protecting part-time workers. Here are some of the biggest issues currently faced by part-time employees, and here’s how Teamsters 987 can help you as a part-time worker.

No Seniority

Seniority in the workplace recognizes employees that have served in a position for a long time. Being given seniority ensures that because you have worked at a company for a long period of time, you are considered for promotions or full-time positions over someone who just began working at your company. Unfortunately, in many workplaces, employers do not give part-time workers seniority.

At Teamsters 987 union of Alberta, it’s our mission to establish fair treatment in your workplace. We believe that your hard work and loyalty should be recognized, and we’ll fight with you to see that happen.

Inconsistency with Hours

Although some employers agree to offer part-time employees consistent hours, many employers do not. Current labour laws in Alberta do not prohibit employers from drastically changing the hours of part-time employees without warning, and in many cases, employers take advantage of that fact. Part-time workers can go from working 30 hours one week to working 7 hours the next week, and similarly, these workers are often pressured into working overtime, when it is required.

Unions have a history in making life better for not just full-time employees, but for part-time employees as well. As your union, we can work with you and your employer to settle on an agreement that ensures a level of consistency within your work schedule.

Lower Wage

Although it varies from industry to industry, on average, part-time workers earn a significantly lower hourly wage than full-time workers. If you’re wondering how to join a union or considering forming one the time is now.

Our collective bargaining agreements are designed to protect and benefit you. We can negotiate ongoing raises that require your employer to increase your wage regardless of your hours or the current economic times, even if you are a part-time employee.

At Teamsters 987 union of Alberta, it’s our job to make sure employers don’t get away with unfair treatment. As a part-time worker, you have rights too, and we’re here to help your employer see that. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your rights as a part-time worker.

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