Is LLC the Right Place for You

Have you considered getting more involved with Teamsters 987? Are you interested in learning more about the labour movement in Canada and developing skills to help you become a better advocate for workers’ rights? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then you might want to consider the Labour College of Canada.

Labour College of Canada is a post-secondary program for people just like you – active union members who are ready to expand their knowledge. This program was developed by the Canadian Labour Congress and explores topics such as political economy, theory and practice of unions, labour history and history of work, organizing and education for change, communications, emerging issues for the new working class, and more. 

In an effort to better accommodate working schedules, this program offers a flexible platform that includes both online and in-class learning.

We are passionate about educating ourselves, learning from one another and strengthening our skills in order to be better equipped to fight for Albertan workers. In fact, our very own Brock Penner is currently enrolled in Labour College Canada and is thoroughly enjoying his challenging, yet enriching experience. 

“The LCC has been at times uncomfortable, but in a great way,” said Brock. “We only grow and learn when we are outside our comfort zone. I feel like I have already learned so much in so little time.”

If you are interested in becoming even more active in the fight for workers’ rights, consider joining Brother Brock and a host of other passionate activists to expand your knowledge and grow in some key areas. For more information about the Labour College of Canada, click here.

Further developing your knowledge and skills is always a good idea. However, post secondary school, including LCC, can be quite expensive. So if post secondary doesn’t feel practical for you right now, remember that there are many other ways you can get more involved right here at Teamsters 987. Here are some other ways you can become more active in fighting for workers’ rights.

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