How a growing union benefits you

Being a member of a union means you have a voice, it means you have the negotiating power to receive better compensation and better treatment in your workplace, and it means you have ongoing support in establishing a better quality of life for yourself. But not all unions can offer you the same level of power and support. When it comes to unions, size does matter. Here are 3 ways a growing union benefits you:

1. The larger the union, the stronger the voice
There is most definitely strength in numbers, and although a small union is better than no union, larger unions have greater authority. As larger unions have a stronger voice and more negotiating power, the larger your union is, the more likely you’ll be able to see change happen in your workplace.

2. Large unions can offer more benefits to members
Regardless of what union you’re a part of; you can expect some standard benefits, like shop stewards for example. But the larger the union, the more access you’ll have to added benefits such as immediate support, business agents and health and welfare plans.

3. Large unions affect large-scale change
As mentioned earlier, larger unions have a stronger voice and can make things happen for their members. But large unions also have the influence to change legislation and establish new labour laws that are in the best interest of workers everywhere. When you’re a part of a large union, it’s not just about changing your workplace and the workplace of your fellow union members. Larger unions have the power to move the needle on a grand scale by improving the reality for workers all across the province, and in some cases, the country.

As a Teamsters 987 member you are one of over 4,800 members in Alberta and also one of over 115,000 Teamsters Canada members nationally. Because of this, we can provide our members with a strong voice and ample support. But we don’t want it to stop there. It is important that we keep growing as a union so we can better support our members with more resources, varied benefits, and stronger influence. If you know someone looking to join a union, send them our way, and we’d love to chat with them about what Teamster 987 can offer.

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