Holiday Activities on a Budget

    It’s the perfect time for spending days with family and enjoying the warmth of the holiday season, but between all the gift-buying and seasonal outings, the holidays can be costly. So skip the expensive shows and dive into these 8 affordable (if not, free) holiday activities:

    1. Look at lights

    There are few things more heartwarming than enjoying a winter wonderland covered in sparkling colourful lights. Go for a drive and take in all your neighbours’ handiwork, or if it’s not too cold, go for a walk in your neighbourhood square and enjoy the lights and decorations.

    1. Free festivals

    There are several free festivals and activities in both Calgary and Edmonton this season. For example, the CP Holiday Train or the Lions’ Festival of Lights in Calgary, and if you’re in Edmonton, check out Celebrate the Season.

    1. Bake

    With all the busyness of the holidays, baking may be the last thing you want to do. But this can be a great family activity, and the best part is, the goodies you make can double as gifts for your friends.

    1. Ice skating

    Ice skating is the perfect winter activity that the whole family can enjoy. Pack some hot chocolate and enjoy your city’s public skating rink.

    1. Sledding

    Once again, this is an activity that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a family activity or a fun date idea, sledding is the perfect way to enjoy the colder months. Grab a sled, a tube, or even an oversized piece of cardboard and head to a hill near you.

    1. Build something

    Take advantage of the snow and have a little fun. Forget the snowman and have a full on sculpture-building contest.

    1. Make Christmas cards

    Get the family together and have a craft day. Dig out your old ribbons, grab some glue and construction paper and get crafty. It’s a fun activity, and you can give the cards you make to friends and family throughout the season.

    1. Volunteer

    At Teamsters 987, we strongly believe in giving back, and what better time to give back than the holidays. Take the whole family and volunteer at your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

    No need to empty your wallet when it comes to enjoying the holidays. Try these 8 activities for a budget-friendly season. Happy holidays from Teamsters 987!

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