COVID-19: A Message to Our Members

    Teamster’s Local 987 members are experiencing an unprecedented period in our lifetimes. The COVID-19 impact thus far on Local 987 members range from increased public demand on their industry to normal operations to, and unfortunately so, temporary layoffs.  The COVID -19 crisis is a very unexpected and difficult period in our lifetimes. We are all in this together and Local 987 business agents and staff want to make sure all our members know that we are here for you! Social distancing is social solidarity!

    To observe social solidarity Local 987 business agents have been directed to be in contact with Teamsters shop stewards, members and employers via telephone and to suspend conducting on-site membership place of employment visits. All Local 987 business agents represent many hundreds of members at numerous work sites. Local 987 is taking this step to make sure we are not exposing any member to an unintended health risk. This will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis and in observation of the recommendations of provincial and federal governments. Should you need to contact your business agent please speak to your shop steward to obtain a contact number or call: Calgary office  403-252-7843 Edmonton office 780-483-7098

    This battle that we are fighting against is faceless and highly contagious. We strongly encourage practicing social solidarity, keeping your social distance, frequently washing hands, using good judgement, and raising concerns where you think necessary. We can’t stress enough continuing to be an advocate with your friends and family how important it is to flatten the curve, thereby, helping those in the medical field that could be stretched beyond capacity if we do not follow the recommendations of professionals advising us of the best practices to limit those becoming infected. We as a local, as a union of working women and men,  know we will get through this together if we all show what it means to be a Teamster by looking out for every human being.

    Feel free to share with us pictures of how you are passing the time while social distancing, we would also ask for members while at work to take pictures safely while on break, we will share these on our Facebook page.

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