Coping with Changes in the Workplace

These days it seems as though every week there’s another news article out announcing expected wage cuts in an Albertan workplace. Economic times are tough in Alberta, and it didn’t take long for the damage to travel from just the oil & gas industry into other industries, affecting countless Alberta workers.

Business owners along with the government are feverishly working to compensate for the economic downfall, resulting in some changes in workplaces. As mentioned earlier, wage cuts are taking place across various industries.

The second trend we’re seeing in workplaces is employee benefits being cut, largely in the form of reduced pension plans. Lastly, for part-time shift workers, we’re seeing hours being cut due to the minimum wage increase in Alberta. Once again, these themes are a reflection of the larger economic landscape in Alberta. Unfortunately, this means that these changes are almost impossible to avoid for some workers.

The good news is, there’s hope; and this is where we come in. When it comes to securing wages and solidifying benefits, your union – Teamsters 987 has your back.

While all these changes are happening in the workplace, it is so crucial, now more than ever, that workers have strong representation at the bargaining table. In the midst of salaries being sliced and benefits diminishing, our job is to protect you.

When negotiating on your behalf, Teamsters 987 fights for security and stability so that your livelihood doesn’t suffer based on the fluctuations of the economy. Our collective bargaining agreements are comprehensive and effective in ensuring the protection of your rights, compensation and benefits in the workplace.

To learn more about collective bargaining and its benefits, click here.

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