Bill 30: What it’s about and how it could help you

    Bill 30 was introduced at the end of last year and is set to come into effect June 1, 2018. This bill is ultimately designed to keep workers safe – both physically and mentally – and to ensure their quality of life is better protected.

    Here’s a summary of the new legislation regarding occupational health and safety

    The occupational health and safety portion of the bill was designed to reinforce three basic rights for Albertan workers: the right to refuse unsafe work, the right to know, and the right to participate.

    While these are all, once again, basic workers’ rights, the new bill will help ensure they are truly respected through more concrete legislation. For example, employers are now more legally responsible to keep workers safe through health and safety committees and representatives, written health and safety education, and harassment prevention. Alberta has also broadened what is considered a workplace offence and will now include other previously ignored offences, for example, failing to report an incident. In addition, enforcement of these laws will be strict, and will require employers to take full responsibility while workers continue to get paid their usual pay.

    Here’s a summary of the new legislation regarding workers’ compensation

    Please note, most of these changes already came into effect as of January 1, 2018.

    The Workers’ Compensation Board changes are focused on better accommodating injured workers. These changes are designed to make the process for filing easier and make the system more compassionate.

    By establishing a fair practices office, Bill 30 will ensure that all workers are given an equal amount of preference during the filing process. The fair practices office will

    • “help workers manage their claim from start to finish
    • be a way for people to raise concerns
    • monitor trends in the workers’ compensation system to ensure that it is working efficiently and effectively”

    In addition to adjusting the application process, the new bill provides better benefits and rehabilitation opportunities for injured workers, increased job security, and a more thoughtful approach to determining compensation.

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