Honest Policy Campaign

Right now, the Alberta government is revising the laws that govern your workplace – we think you deserve a say.

An #HonestPolicy will ensure fairer, more honest workplaces for Albertans.

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work. So who better to decide the conditions of your workplace than you?

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    1. How did the #HonestPolicy campaign originate?

    Teamsters 987 saw an opportunity to speak out about the needs of modernizing union legislation when the Labour Code Review began in March 2017. As the review carries on, we will continue to bring awareness to the need for the Labour Code to include automatic certification and first contract arbitration; two aspects of unionizing that would bring positive change to Alberta’s workplaces.

     2. What is Teamsters 987?

    With offices in Calgary and Edmonton, we are a family of more than 5,000 workers strong from over 13 industries and 40 collective agreements. When a member needs help, we step in to protect and empower them through powerful advocacy with employers, superior legal backing, and assistance with many other areas that contribute to a greater quality of life.

    We are a proud local trade union within Teamsters Canada, which represents over 120,000 members from all over the country. On a broader level, we are part of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which includes 1.4 million members across North America.

    With this collective power, we are stable, unified and committed to our members by improving their work environment and quality of life.

     3. What is automatic certification?

    Automatic certification means that a union is appointed to bargain on behalf of employees if 50% or more of employees have expressed interest in unionizing. It’s a one-step process. Currently, a flawed two-step process is in practice, wherein an additional vote is required. This extra time gives employers the opportunity to threaten and harass employees into not unionizing. This puts the worker at a major disadvantage.

    That’s not very fair, or honest.

    We know Albertans like you are in the best position to make decisions about your workplace. So if the majority of employees at a worksite wish to unionize and bargain for better pay, benefits and security — they should be able to.

    The solution is simple. If a majority of workers sign up to join a union, they’re certified! Many provinces already allow for automatic certification: Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia all allow it. It’s time Alberta does the same.

     4. What is first contract arbitration?

    Ever worked with someone who refused to hold up their end of the bargain?

    It probably didn’t feel quite fair, or honest.

    Workers across Alberta are suffering under employers who refuse to bargain fairly for honest pay, benefits and security. Even when workers opt to join a union to negotiate a fair contract, some employers refuse to hold up their end of the bargain. The solution? First contract arbitration.

    Right now, the Alberta government is revising the laws that govern our workplaces and we think you deserve a say.

    With first-contract arbitration, an independent party sets the terms of a contract when employers refuse to bargain. Then, both sides must abide by the terms. First-contract arbitration can help bring honesty back to the working lives of Albertans like you.

     5. How can I voice my support for the #HonestPolicy?

    Use our form letter above to send an email to your MLA!

     6. Do you have an example of when this affected an Albertan worker?

    Click here for a testimonial from an Alberta worker who has been negatively impacted due to the lack of legislation surrounding automatic certification and first contract arbitration.

     7. When was the last time Alberta had a Labour Code Review?

    1988! A lot has changed since then in Alberta. Albertans deserve a Labour Code that meets their needs for fair, honest workplaces.