Feeling overworked? Take these 4 simple steps

Burnouts typically happen for one major reason – you’re working too much and lacking balance. Common signs of a burnout are decreased motivation, exhaustion, constant frustration, increased irritability, trouble focusing, and difficulty remembering things. All of these elements then work together to cause you stress at work and home, significantly affecting your overall health and wellbeing. If you’re feeling overworked, here are some simple steps to take right away.

  1. Talk to someone

Talking it out typically helps reduce some degree of stress almost immediately, and also helps you work out your feelings. Talk to someone completely outside your work circle like a friend or a spouse.

  1. Do something for yourself

Before you dive into an action plan, set aside some time for a bit of rest and relaxation. You’re drained and overworked, address that by showing yourself some love. Treat yourself to a massage or take a full self care day, whatever helps you feel calm and recharged.

  1. Decide what you think would help you

Are you doing too much of a certain type of work? Are you working too many overtime hours? Are you expected to complete too many tasks during your regular hours? Do your best to figure out the specifics of how you’re being overworked.

  1. Talk to your supervisor

Now that you’ve talked it through with a friend and figured out what the specific problem is, you’re in a good position to approach your supervisor. Be clear and non accusatory. Focus on how you feel (ie. I feel that this is too much, leaving me burnt out) rather than on what you think they’ve done (ie. you give me too much work). And then, if the situation calls for it, suggest a solution based on the problem you identified earlier.

Burnouts are a serious concern as they lead to poor health (both mental and physical) as well as reduced productivity at work. As a result, it is in both your and your employer’s best interest to avoid burnouts at all costs. If you’re feeling overworked or burnt out, remember that your health and quality of life is worth protecting and don’t hesitate to take action.


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