Escaping the rut with everyday goals

Life can get redundant, and while going through the motions of eat, sleep, work, repeat, it’s easy to find yourself falling into an unforeseen rut. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with consistency. Even though consistency can make life feel repetitive, it doesn’t have to. You may physically be at the same job, in the same house, with the same routine for 20 years, but there are so many ways that you can challenge and grow within what you’re already doing. So how do we do it? How do we keep ourselves from going insane, or even worse, numb through the repetitiveness of life? Here are some examples of everyday goals you can set for yourself to ensure you never fall too deep into a rut.

Set work goals

Many of us have set some career goals detailing where we want to be in x amount of years, but this is different. We’re not talking about putting together a 10 year plan, we’re talking about setting some simple goals that you can execute tomorrow.

Maybe you wanted to ask your boss about a certain training course, maybe you want to improve your work efficiency, or maybe you want to ask a coworker to go to lunch. Whatever it is, make it simple, practical, and then do it.

Set fitness goals

Again, we’re not talking about goals like ‘I want to run a marathon in the next 3 years.’ We’re talking about really simple, bite-sized goals.

Try setting goals like taking 10,000 steps a day, joining a recreational sports team, or even going for a walk on your lunch break.

Set social goals

After a long day at work, often that last thing you want to do is go for drinks with colleagues or meet up with old friends for dinner. However, exposing yourself to new groups of people and integrating into different social circles can be an excellent way to experience personal growth.

Challenge yourself to regularly step outside your comfort zone by accepting more invitations for outings or by arranging get togethers with people you don’t normally spend time with.

Set family/relationship goals

It’s often easy to neglect the relationships that are right in front of us, but these are the ones that demand the most intentionality.

Set daily goals like cooking and eating dinner with your family or planning a surprise date for your spouse. Not only does this challenge you to be creative and go above and beyond in your relationships, but it’s just plain fun!

Just because certain things in your life are consistent, doesn’t mean they need to be stagnant. Regardless of where we’re at and what we’re doing, there’s always room for growth. Try simple, daily goal setting to get out of the rut that routines can so easily put us in.

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