When you think about it, we spend a huge chunk of our lives at work. And the money we earn is what fuels the rest of our life. It’s what pays the bills, feeds the family and allows us to pursue the other things we enjoy. So what’s wrong with wanting to earn the best wages possible? Nothing. And that’s one of the big advantages of being part of a labour union like Teamsters 987.

Collective bargaining creates unity and strength in numbers, and it leads to better outcomes for members. There is no disputing that unions in Canada have consistently delivered higher wages for employees compared to non-union workers in the same industry

But base wages are only part of the package. In fact, it’s better to think about your paycheck and the other things that come with it when thinking about getting the most from your work. Think about the benefits that you have as part of your employment. How much do you pay for medical, dental etc? How much vacation are you entitled to? What about sick days or personal days…do you get paid? These benefits are typically funded partly by the employee and partly by the employer. In many cases, union negotiated benefits can save members money and provide the most for each dollar you contribute. Bottom line, better benefits at a lower rate. A little more money in your pocket.

So what else can lead to a higher paycheck? How about enhanced skills and training programs? Many collective bargaining agreements include training allowances and some are fully funded (or partially funded) by the employer. And what about career advancement?  Union members can also benefit from their experience and seniority. Opportunities for advancement are open to members through defined processes and promotion from within is encouraged. It’s fair competition and another great way to move your career and your earnings forward.

You give your employer your all at work. We’re here to help ensure our members get the most in return.

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