5 active things you can do for (practically) free this winter

    The holiday season has past, and for many of us, has left behind a couple extra pounds, and as the cold weather persists, finding the motivation to get outside and enjoy some physical activity becomes increasingly more difficult. So here are 5 activities you can do this winter that’ll get your heart rate up and will cost you next to nothing.


    Whether it’s an evening for two or an afternoon with the family, skating is a great cost-effective, yet fun activity. Both the City of Calgary and the City of Edmonton offer free outdoor skating rinks such as Olympic Plaza in Calgary or Castle Downs in Edmonton. As there is no cost for using the rink, all you need to consider is the cost of renting skates (if you don’t already have some) which can be anywhere from $6 – $12 per person.


    Fill a thermos with some hot chocolate, grab your toboggan or your tube, and head to one of the many great hills in Calgary or Edmonton for a day of sledding. If you’re in the Calgary area, try Confederation Park, Royal Oak, Big Marlborough Park, or Glendale Park. And if you’re in the Edmonton area, check out Emily Murphy Park, Gallagher Park, or Rundle Park.

    Yoga/Barre/Running class

    Want to get out of the cold and get active by yourself or with a friend? Try a free yoga, Barre or Running class at a Lululemon near you. Lululemon offers complimentary classes at various times for participants of all fitness levels. Find a location near you and check out their schedule for upcoming classes.


    Hiking can be a great way to take in all of winter’s beauty, but you don’t have to be a serious backcountry hiker to enjoy the winter views. Both Calgary and Edmonton have some beautiful hiking/walking trails in the area that are safe for all ages. Check out these 10 family friendly winter hikes near calgary or Edmonton’s trail guides.


    Snowshoeing is another great way to take in beautiful scenery while getting your heart rate up. Find your nearest sport equipment shop and you can rent a pair of snowshoes for as little as $10. If you’re in the Calgary area, both Fish Creek Park and Nose Hill Park are great places to snowshoe. If you’re in the Edmonton area, Elk Island National Park and Fort Edmonton Park make great snowshoeing locations. Never tried snowshoeing before? Check out this First Timer’s Guide to Snowshoeing

    Your teamsters 987 family wants you to succeed in and out of the workplace, which is why we believe in the importance of a good work-life balance. Don’t let the cold keep you from getting out of the house, having a good time, and burning off some extra calories.

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