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2019 workplace resolutions - Teamsters 987

4 Workplace Resolutions You’re Gonna Want to Make in 2019

In just a few weeks, we’ll all be hearing about new year’s resolutions, and chances are you’ll be asked what yours are. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to set goals and make resolutions or not, you may want to consider these workplace resolutions. Here are 4 simple resolutions that are bound to […]

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Feeling overworked? Take these 4 simple steps

Burnouts typically happen for one major reason – you’re working too much and lacking balance. Common signs of a burnout are decreased motivation, exhaustion, constant frustration, increased irritability, trouble focusing, and difficulty remembering things. All of these elements then work together to cause you stress at work and home, significantly affecting your overall health and […]

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How Socializing at Work can Benefit you

Many of us purposefully separate work life from the rest of our lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re all about a good work life balance, which can sometimes mean drawing a clear line between work relationships and personal relationships. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. In fact, here are three […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

The words ‘work’ and ‘stress’ unfortunately go hand in hand quite often. No matter what industry you’re working in, chances are you have experienced your fair share of stress on the job. There are many different elements that contribute to a stressful workplace such as pay, social environment, workload, expectations, and the list goes on. […]

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Health work environment - Teamsters 987

How healthy is your workplace?

Each work environment is so different, so it’s difficult to establish one way to determine if an environment is healthy is not. There are, however, some key factors that contribute to the creation of a healthy or toxic environment. At Teamsters 987, we want to know that you are being treated fairly and with respect. […]

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Addiction treatment in the workplace

Due to stigmas and stereotypes, addictions are often seen as problems for the irresponsible or those who have ‘fallen off the wagon.’ This perception couldn’t be more wrong; addiction can happen to anyone. It is not a sign of failure or weakness but is a result of many factors, some that we have control over, […]

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Escaping the rut with everyday goals

Life can get redundant, and while going through the motions of eat, sleep, work, repeat, it’s easy to find yourself falling into an unforeseen rut. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with consistency. Even though consistency can make life feel repetitive, it doesn’t have to. You may physically be at the same job, […]

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No suicide

Suicide prevention day

“Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide and up to 25 times as many make a suicide attempt. Behind these statistics are the individual stories of those who have, for many different reasons, questioned the value of their own lives.” –WSPD September 10th is a day where we shine a light on a […]

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Workplace Mental Health: Make Mental Health Support In The Workplace Mandatory

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), mental illness is an issue that directly affects one in five Canadian adults, and indirectly affects every single Canadian at some time whether it’s through a family member, friend or co-worker. The CMHA also revealed that the cost of mental illness in Canada is approximately 51 billion […]

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Mental health awareness – how to monitor yourself

Mental illness, like physical illness can get worse if left untreated, and although there are many causes of mental illness that you have no control over, such as genetics, trauma, brain damage and prenatal damage, there are also many causes and contributors to mental illness that you do have control over such as poor nutrition […]

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