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Asbestos ban - Teamsters 987

Canada’s Asbestos Ban Was a Long Time Coming

As of December 30, the use of asbestos and products containing asbestos will officially be banned in Canada. What is asbestos Asbestos fibres are a soft substance that are resistant to heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. Asbestos is an extremely effective and economical insulator, and as a result was used for decades to build houses […]

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Federal Budget - Teamsters 987

What the 2018 federal budget says about Canada

At the end of February, Canada’s federal budget was announced. With the government focused on equal pay, pharmacare and bettering quality of life for Indigenous peoples, we were generally pleased with the announcement. The 2018 federal budget is titled: Equality and Growth for a Strong Middle Class. The theme of equality is demonstrated through better […]

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Bill 30: What it’s about and how it could help you

Bill 30 was introduced at the end of last year and is set to come into effect June 1, 2018. This bill is ultimately designed to keep workers safe – both physically and mentally – and to ensure their quality of life is better protected. Here’s a summary of the new legislation regarding occupational health […]

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Is your workplace compliant?

Alberta’s labour law changes have been the topic of conversation for quite some time. Now that these changes have been in effect for a couple months, employers are fully responsible for ensuring they understand the changes and are fully compliant with the new laws. What if your employer isn’t complying with the new labour standards? […]

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Alberta Labour Law Changes Teamsters 987

Alberta Labour Law Changes Part 2: What it Means For Employees in 2018

Last year, the Alberta Labour Code underwent a much-needed review, and as of January 1st, 2018, some changes to our labour laws have come into effect.  Here’s a summary of the Labour Code changes regarding workers’ rights around leave. Please note, all leaves listed below are unpaid, but ensure job protection for the employee taking […]

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Labour law changes

Alberta Labour Law Changes Part 1: What it Means for Employees in 2018

Early last year, Alberta Labour Labour Laws were reviewed in order to modernize codes that had not been updated in almost 30 years. Change was necessary, and although our labour laws aren’t perfect, we were pleased to see our government taking action and putting forth more worker-friendly policies. Here’s a summary of the Labour Code […]

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Can My Employer Force Me to Take Training Without Pay?

There have probably been times when you’ve been asked to take some training at work. For example, if you’ve just been hired at a new job, new systems have recently been introduced at your existing job, or perhaps there have been adjustments to industry standards. Whatever the reason, training can be time-consuming and sometimes tedious. […]

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