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2019 workplace resolutions - Teamsters 987

4 Workplace Resolutions You’re Gonna Want to Make in 2019

In just a few weeks, we’ll all be hearing about new year’s resolutions, and chances are you’ll be asked what yours are. Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to set goals and make resolutions or not, you may want to consider these workplace resolutions. Here are 4 simple resolutions that are bound to […]

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How to respectfully confront a coworker

There are several reasons why you may need to call out a coworker. Perhaps they said something offensive, did something to create a hostile work environment, or maybe they unintentionally made a mistake. Whatever the reason, confronting a colleague can be awkward, and can often lead to further tension in the workplace, but it doesn’t […]

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Health work environment - Teamsters 987

How healthy is your workplace?

Each work environment is so different, so it’s difficult to establish one way to determine if an environment is healthy is not. There are, however, some key factors that contribute to the creation of a healthy or toxic environment. At Teamsters 987, we want to know that you are being treated fairly and with respect. […]

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