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The Sharing Economy: Helping or Hurting?

Sharing economy is more-or-less defined as a business model that allows consumers to share access to goods or services that were previously only available through regulated industries. Sharing economy is a rapidly growing trend that has drastically changed the way many industries operate, and while the idea behind this model carries a strong ‘power to […]

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5 Signs of a Bad boss

Everyone deserves a boss who treats him or her with fairness and dignity, but that’s not always the case. Although laws are put in place to protect employees from poor treatment at the hands of an employer, these laws can only do so much, and in reality, employers can get away with a lot if […]

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Your rights at work: labour relations in Alberta

As a Teamsters Local 987 member, you hear it all the time: “Stand up for your rights!” Becoming a Teamster was your first step in the right direction, but do you ever wonder what exactly those rights are? We also hear that “knowledge is power,” but reading up about labour relations can be complicated. Thankfully, […]

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