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    Asbestos ban - Teamsters 987

    Canada’s Asbestos Ban Was a Long Time Coming

    As of December 30, the use of asbestos and products containing asbestos will officially be banned in Canada. What is asbestos Asbestos fibres are a soft substance that are resistant to heat, electricity and chemical corrosion. Asbestos is an extremely effective and economical insulator, and as a result was used for decades to build houses […]

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    workplace sexual harassment - Teamsters 987

    What counts as workplace sexual harassment?

    Sexual harassment is unfortunately one of the biggest workplace issues faced by workers every single day. In fact, roughly 22% of Canadians have experienced sexual harassment in their place of work. But it isn’t always as easy to identify as it may seem. Sexual harassment takes many different forms, but regardless of its form, it […]

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    Three Things to Take Away from the Rising Trend of Violent Attacks

    Between the countless school shootings in the U.S. and other violent crimes such as the Toronto Van Attack, it seems that now more than ever, violence and hate are trending. Although these issues may seem far removed from us, they are not, and here are some important things to remember regarding these incidents. Violence is […]

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    Bill 30: What it’s about and how it could help you

    Bill 30 was introduced at the end of last year and is set to come into effect June 1, 2018. This bill is ultimately designed to keep workers safe – both physically and mentally – and to ensure their quality of life is better protected. Here’s a summary of the new legislation regarding occupational health […]

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    Injured at work? These are your rights and responsibilities

    Work-related injuries are far more common than we’d like them to be. The reality is, it happens, and when a worker is hurt on the job, someone has to pay for it; luckily, it doesn’t have to be the worker. As an employee in Alberta, you have rights if you are injured at work and […]

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    Health work environment - Teamsters 987

    How healthy is your workplace?

    Each work environment is so different, so it’s difficult to establish one way to determine if an environment is healthy is not. There are, however, some key factors that contribute to the creation of a healthy or toxic environment. At Teamsters 987, we want to know that you are being treated fairly and with respect. […]

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    workplace bullying - teamsters 987

    It’s time to shine a light on workplace bullying

    Workplace Bullying is repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons by one or more perpetrators. It is abusive conduct that is: Threatening, humiliating, or intimidating, or Work interference — sabotage — which prevents work from getting done, or Verbal abuse – Workplace Bullying Institute The Workplace Bullying Institute has deemed October 15 – 21 […]

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    No suicide

    Suicide prevention day

    “Every year, more than 800,000 people die by suicide and up to 25 times as many make a suicide attempt. Behind these statistics are the individual stories of those who have, for many different reasons, questioned the value of their own lives.” –WSPD September 10th is a day where we shine a light on a […]

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    Championing Safety in the Workplace: Workplace Safety Tips

    Your employer should always be making sure that you’re operating under the safest conditions possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. This is why safety champions are so important. Being a safety champion can look different depending on where you are working. In some companies, the safety champion is an official management position, whereas in […]

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