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    Q&A: What is it Like Being a Teamsters 987 Member?

    Tracee Bouvier and Elenitsa Bucknell, recently became Teamsters members when they ratified their collective agreement in February 2021. We sat down with them to understand what it’s like being a Teamsters 987 member. What does a day in your role look like? Tracee: A day in this role is to travel to a client’s home […]

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    Local 987 Member Scholarship Recipient: Tajinder A

    Congratulations to Tajinder A for being a recipient of the Teamsters 987 Member Scholarship! Tajinder is an immediate child dependant of an active 987 Purolator Member and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education, with a concentration in Chemistry at the University of Calgary. Tajinder has been an active member of her community, contributing over […]

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    Local 987 Member Scholarship Recipient: Stephen A

    We would like to congratulate Stephen A as a recipient of the Teamsters 987 Member Scholarship! Stephen currently works at Purolator, is a Teamsters 987 Member, and is currently working towards his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at Mount Royal University. Stephen has been an active member of his community volunteering his time to help […]

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    Local 987 Member Scholarship Recipient: Seth F

    We are pleased to announce Seth F as a recipient of our Teamsters 987 Member Scholarship. Seth is an immediate child dependant of a Local 987 Coca-Cola Member and is currently studying at Mount Royal University. He is working towards completing a Bachelor of Business Management and Marketing with a specialization in Athletic Literacy. Seth […]

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    Local 987 Member Scholarship Recipient: Jillian H

    Congratulations to Jillian H for being a Teamsters 987 Scholarship recipient! Jillian is an immediate child dependant of a Sysco union Member and began studying at Mount Royal University in September 2021. Jillian is pursuing her Bachelor of Computer Information Systems to gain knowledge in two fields she is passionate about: technology and business. While […]

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    job security automation

    Job Security in the age of the Automation

    What does automation mean for the future of work? Though it may be hard to predict the future in many areas of life, with work, we can know almost for certain that automation is coming our way. As technology advances, there are many types of jobs that may be at risk of major change, such […]

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    How Unions Can Help Workers Reskill for the Future

    In the age of information and technology, it can sometimes feel like the world around us is changing at the speed of light. While some innovations have made our lives so much easier, there have also been developments that can cause worry for workers as companies and workplaces evolve, leaving them wondering whether their skills […]

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    Brock Penner: A Day in the Life of a Business Agent

    A Business Agent is a representative of a local union, and their job responsibilities include many roles such as negotiator, grievance handler, organizer, and trainer. They know the ins and outs of both the union and the workplace industries, allowing them to advocate on members’ behalf to elicit real change. Business Agents also support members […]

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    securing the majority vote

    The Unionizing Process: Securing the Majority Vote

    There are many benefits of joining a labour union such as fair compensation, job security, constant support, and so much more. But while we can all agree that unions benefit workers greatly, the actual process of unionizing isn’t always easy. Successfully organizing your workplace requires one crucial thing that can be challenging to get – […]

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    how to unionize

    The Unionizing Process: 5 Steps to Organizing Your Co-Workers

    So how do you unionize? Organizing a workplace is no easy feat. With careful planning, lots of communication, and the support of a strong union, you can make it happen! We’re here to help you understand the 5 steps to organizing your co-workers. It’s important to note that none of the activities below should be done during […]

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