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    8 Resume tips for 2018 - Teamsters 987

    8 Resume Tips for 2018

    A new year tends to get a lot of people thinking about how they can improve themselves, whether personally or professionally. So we thought we’d help. Whether you’re actively looking for a new job, or just want to be prepared when a great opportunity comes along, it’s always a good idea to have an up-to-date […]

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    Corporate greed and Sears Canada

    Shining a light on corporate greed

    It’s been all over the news for months, reminding employees all over Canada that they may not be as protected as they think. The liquidation of Sears Canada has captured the attention of the entire country and left workers and advocates absolutely floored by the poor treatment of employees.  On June 22, 2017, Sears Canada […]

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    skill-up-downturn-teamsters 987

    5 Ways to Skill Up in a Downturn

    Alberta has seen some tough economic times in its past and will undoubtedly see more in the future. Various industries can be impacted in different ways during economic downturns, and workers that previously held seemingly secure positions can all of a sudden find themselves out of a job. So, whether you’re looking for work in […]

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    10 Tips for Shop Stewards

    As a Teamsters 987 Shop Steward, your job is to be a leader, an organizer, and an educator. You work on behalf of the union members to ensure their concerns are being heard, and in doing so, you help establish better workplace environments. Here are some tips to remember while engaging in your duties as […]

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    Engaging your Labour Union Business Agent

    Teamsters Local Union 987 Businesses Agents, like Shop Stewards, work for you and are available to help with grievances, but their function is more than just that. Your business agent knows the ins and outs of both the union and your industry workplace. Because of this, your business agent is able to advocate for you […]

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    Employee Voice In The Workplace: Your Voice Matters

    Regardless of whether you work in the service industry, a trade, or for a large corporation, chances are you’ve felt insignificant and unheard at your place of work. Unfortunately, these feelings have allowed workers all over the world to be taken advantage of by the system; and this is where unions come in. Unions eliminate […]

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